Black Magic | Charcoal

Black Magic | Charcoal

$ 44.40

The newest member of the Kor clan is milder in taste than its zingy cousin, Wellness Ginger, but equally refreshing. And don’t be fooled by its dark and stormy waters. This smooth, tangy shot is also deeply cleansing.  So if you’ve got a big night in store, and believe prevention is better than the cure, Black Magic may be your ticket to a brighter morning.

Cold Pressed | 1.7 fl. oz

  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Lemon harvested in Malibu, CA 
  • Organic Coconut Water 
  • Food grade Activated Charcoal
  • TSA Friendly 
  • Ships refrigerated with our Green Liner and Ice packs
  • 1 month shelf-life from purchase date
  • Unit Price: $3.70


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