The Original Raw Shot

Kor Shots are your daily hit of nutrition-packed refreshment direct from Malibu, California. Cold-pressed in small artisanal batches, each shot is made from locally sourced produce handpicked from small farms in California and Hawaii by founder Jordan Retamar. 

Every ingredient packs its own punch. From zingy ginger’s digestive properties, to anti-inflammatory turmeric; from vitamin-rich Sea Buckthorn berry to deeply cleansing activated charcoal. The Kor Shots routine is an easy choice. Simply: “Shake me. Shoot me. Feel me.”   

Kor Shots, born and bred in California, is the product of a love story that stretches coast to coast.

In 2011, Jordan Retamar found himself separated from his girlfriend indefinitely when she returned to the East Coast to care for her father, who had suffered a massive heart attack. An avid surfer who’d always taken a holistic approach to health, Jordan started sending weekly care packages to his girlfriend while her father convalesced. He made soups from locally sourced vegetables, but struggled to find a way to ship his homemade recipes without stripping them of vital nutrients.

“I started doing extensive research into food preservation,” says Jordan. “And when I discovered high pressure process technology, a cold pasteurisation technique that allows food to retain its nutritional value, it lit a spark.”

Within a year, Jordan started experimenting with other nutritious concoctions. He travelled to Kauai and sourced freshly harvested turmeric and ginger roots. “When I got back home and juiced these roots, I was struck by how instantly energized and renewed my body felt. I started incorporating the roots into my daily routine by making small, refreshing shots. And I haven’t stopped since.”

In 2012, Jordan’s homemade product became a homegrown brand. From his base in Malibu, Jordan oversees every step of the process, mixing each shot in handcrafted batches and sourcing ingredients locally from small, sustainable farms in Malibu and Hawaii.

 “I had long known about the powerful healing benefits of these roots, some of the most restorative ingredients on Earth,” says Jordan. “Kor Shots are simply my way of sharing that experience with others.”

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